Pest Control Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you kill wild animals in private properties?

No, we will safely remove all wild animals in a property and release them in wild protected conservation areas. Killing of wild animals is not promoted in our company and we advise our customers not to temper with wild animals but rather call us the experts to remove them on your behalf.

How many pest treatments will be required?

Treatments are estimated based on the degree of your pest invasion. If a small amount of pest populations found it will usually require three to four treatments with a maximum of six to eight treatments for severe treatments.

How can I stop pests from gaining access to my property?

You have to call a professional for expert assistants yet some of the things you could do yourself include:

  • Wall Opening
  • Ceiling Holes
  • Visible cracks
  • Gaps
  • Openings

A full prevention service can be implemented by our experts which will ensure to go through your entire property to locate all access points.

How can I know if I have been invaded by pests?

You can look for droppings, signs of tiny soil particles and paying a close eye to vulnerable areas in and around your property.